Reality & Reflection

19 Jan

I haven’t posted on my blog for so long and it is about time that I did.

I actually have 2 blogs – this one and another that I was devoting to craft and hobbies. 

But the time has come for consolidation – I will work that out soon.

For today I am choosing to reflect on how I was feeling when I started this blog and how I feel now.  Lots and lots of self reflection and more management over my emotions and actions make me feel that I have become a better person.

The reality is that yes I am only human and sometimes old patterns of behaviour jump up and bite me.  As far as my work goes, I think I have become a better manager of my team; I am able to delegate and focus more on my ‘big rocks’ but still maintain a well-rounded team. 

I can now take elements of how I felt 2 years ago and put it into my work practice and coach others to become more accountable and self-aware.  It feels good.

This led me to think to myself – I wonder if this is how Lance Armstrong is feeling now? Probably not, but surely he had to come to the realisation that his life was out of control, he couldn’t keep controlling the situations and all the lies and deceit would come to the fore.  Yep – the cheese has definitely moved for Lance!

Normally I would be very cycnical about hearing another sportsperson, policitian or famous person pouring out their hearts (woe is me syndrome) but I am genuinely feeling sorry for the 1000s of people who have been let down by this famous person.  I hope they believe this public humiliation is a form of retribution and will add a page in their life’s history books.

I know that it has just made me more aware that it is not just the mighty who fall and this could happen to any one of us. 

It might sound corny – but Honesty is the Best Policy!!




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