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Reality TV – I don’t believe it is bad for you.  Sure as adults we need to monitor the amount of TV our children watch and not be reliant upon it ourselves as the only form of entertainment.  However I would like to give you ten justifiable reasons why Reality TV is actually therapeutic for the working woman.

 1.        This is the easiest type of television to watch.

 Reality TV is easy for the brain to compute.  You don’t need to concentrate deeply on the plot, on the dialogue or on the participants to understand the basis of the show.

 2.        It is like “chicken soup for the soul”.

When you have had a busy or hard day, watching Reality TV can be a relaxing pastime.  The best way to watch it is in your PJs with comfy slippers on, your feet up and with a relaxing drink (hot or cold).

 3.        It will boost your self esteem.

Watching reality TV gives you permission to validate to yourself that the skills you have learnt and used in your daily life, be it career or home, are a wonderful contribution to the universe.  You are a lot more talented than some of the contestants on these shows!

 4.        Learn new skills.

Some reality TV shows concentrate on business management skills.  Not only can you compare your leadership qualities to those in a successful situation or task, you can also learn some new tactics.  Also these shows and their contestants quite often demonstrate a great example of what NOT to do in the business world. 

 5.        Reality TV provides you with new “watercooler” conversation.

We all know that office gossip gets you into hot water!  So why not discuss the latest happenings on your favourite Reality TV show around the water cooler?  You will be amazed what TV shows you and your co-workers have in common!!

 6.        If you fall asleep you won’t miss anything!

There’s nothing worse than watching a movie, falling asleep during the viewing and missing the most crucial part of the plot, or the ending!  With Reality TV you won’t have this problem; if you fall asleep while watching, which means you are in a relaxed state, you can always catch up during the next episode.  Most of these programs continually repeat the most “exciting” parts of the show.

 7.        Reality TV can create an addiction that won’t harm you.

This is one addiction that I believe won’t harm you, unless you can’t tear yourself away from the TV set!  My tip is to make sure you are only really addicted to a couple of different programs and watch them on a regular basis.  Watching any more than that will mean the addiction is overtaking your life and time will start to be wasted.

 8.        You can learn to improve your image and / or style!

There are quite a few Reality TV shows that can educate women (and men) how to dress to suit their shape, choose appropriate fashion styles and generally improve their appearance.  It is encouraging to see real women & men going through this process on TV to give you the confidence to change your image.

 9.        Learn new catch phrases.

Whilst I don’t recommend using such phrases as “You’re Fired” and “The Tribe has Spoken”, maybe something like “I’m Sorry To Tell You, But You’ve Been Eliminated From the Race” or “Will You Accept This Rose?” will be easier on your colleagues!  Keep up with what the latest trend is in catch phrases and use them to lighten the mood at work.

 10.    Reality TV assists you to manage change.

 Reality TV gives you the opportunity to manage change in your life in a positive way!  You can see that trying something new has worked for other people in all walks of life and you may take up a new challenge.  It may entice you to travel to another country, lose weight, change your appearance or even pursue a new career.


For some readers this list will be nonsense, but for others it will resonate soundly!!  By sharing my views with you I hope you can learn to relax in front of the TV and manage some justifiable reality viewing!!  You may have some comments regarding this list and more points to share – I’d love to hear from you.



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