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Has your cheese moved lately?

Vintage cheddar, tasty cheddar, swiss, edam, brie……….plus many others. 

Most people like cheese and can relate to cheese in some way.  Maybe it’s that fancy cheese platter you have at your favourite restaurant or it could be a nice, hot toasted cheese sandwich.  It’s a familiar feeling, a comfortable and safe feeling, one that could even remind you of your childhood.

Hi – I am Wendy and I live in Australia.  I am a full-time working mother, of three adult children, wife to a new husband and “mom” to two crazy dogs.  My life is full.  I am deliriously happy with my home life.  However I have experienced my fair share of stress over the past eight years and it has brought me to this blog today.  My motivation for starting this blog has been the changes that have occurred in my life during the past three months. 

I found myself in a very difficult working situation that not only affected me but also quite a few of the people I managed.  This was one of the lowest points I had found myself in during my career.  Not only were the relationships with my co-workers on the line, but also my health & wellbeing.

There were several steps I had to go through to get back on track with work but I decided that I had to help myself as far as my acknowledgement of what had happened and how I was feeling (which I must admit was pretty darn bad!)  I started to do research on the internet about many different areas.   

The weirdest thing began to happen!  The solutions started to appear to me in the form of many different websites, articles, emails and blogs that I stumbled upon or found via other sites.  It was amazing how things started to fall into place and all of a sudden I was on my self-improvement journey!

I discovered The Personal Excellence Blog (TPEB) by Celestine Chua.  I was immediately impressed that this young lady could tap right into my feelings; she had such a wonderful insight on all areas of life and I found myself committed to following her posts regularly.

I am now part of TPEB’s “Blogging Intensive Bootcamp”, committed to building my blog into something of which I can be proud and conversations others can relate to.

So why is my blog called “The Cheddar Diaries”?  Well I have just finished reading “Who Moved My Cheese? by Dr Spencer Johnson.  This book is about being aware of change, being aware of your surroundings, dealing with managing change and preparing for the future.  I want to share with women out there my personal journey not only because I want to empower others but I would also like to build a network of people who can all relate to each other and understand that the power of positive thinking is just that – POWERFUL!!

Keeping an eye on the cheese…………Wendy

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